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In the words of the Football Association:
“Futsal is the format of Small-Sided Football that is recognised and supported by FIFA and UEFA with World and European Championships for club and National Teams. The name ‘Futsal‛ combines the Spanish words for ‘Hall‛ – Sal and ‘Football‛ – Futbol into Futsal. It is a five a-side game played with hockey –sized goals and a smaller ball with a reduced bounce. As a small sided game, players are constantly placed in situations where they must receive or play whilst under pressure or in a confined spaces and it places considerable demand on technique, movement, tactical awareness and fitness.”

When I was first introduced to futsal it shouted out to me that here was a great development tool, I was getting better coaching results and the players immediately bought into the game. A win win situation. As an amateur coach thinking you have found the Holy Grail is not a good position to be in, remember when I started back in 1988 the FA was politely adamant that the UK was not playing futsal. I asked FIFA to intervene and slowly from that point the game has progressed across the UK, with every professionally club participating in a BTEC futsal referee/coaching course for school leavers. Believing in something and proving it is useful is a major leap. Over recent years the back up evidence has been published to access on the web. The Rick Fenalgio 4×4 Manchester United study, Derrick O‛Neill study on the FA of Ireland web site, North Carolina football study that showed full sided football is a series of 4v4 contests, so training should be 4v4 to replicate. Sheffield Wednesday has several studies to its name, largely due its working proximity to the Sheffield Universities.

Kevin Bryant

Founder YourFutsal